Did You Know SnapNCrop.com Offers a Rewards Program?

Our rewards program allows customers to earn points on every retail purchase made on SnapNCrop.com. You can redeem points for products or gift certificates. Every 500 points can buy approximately $10 of products or a $10 electronic gift certificate which can be used when you place an order. The $10 gift certificate is sent to the email that is connected with your account, and it comes in the form of a 9 character code starting with gift certificates. Some items can be purchased directly with points. When viewing a product, look for "Buy with Points" on the product's detail page.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

To view the status of your rewards and to redeem your points, please go to your SnapNCrop account summary page. This is the page you see when you log in to your SnapNCrop account. On this page, you will see a section titled "My Rewards". In this section, you can view the details of your reward earnings and redeem points using the links provided. Or, you can use your points to buy some products by clicking "Buy with Points" when viewing a product's detail page. Not all products allow buying using points.


How Do I Apply Gift Certificates purchased with points to an Order?

If you want to buy products directly with points, look for products that have "Buy with Points" and click the button. When buying products directly with points, all you do is add the item to your cart by clicking "Buy with Point" in that product's details and then checkout like you normally would when placing an order.. If you buy a gift certificate with points, use that gift certificate when purchasing items. When you are ready to place an order on SnapNCrop.com enter the 9 character gift certificate code in the “Apply Coupon” box. Click “Go” to activate the gift certificate. If multiple certificate codes are being used, enter only one code at a time and click on “Go” after each one.

How Do I Know the Number of Points I Will Earn on a Purchase?

In order to determine the number of points that can be earned with the purchase of a product, simply click on the image of the product. This will display a page with a larger image of the product and a detailed description. Below the description you should see the the number of rewards points the product is worth. Bonus points are offered on some products.

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