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Alphabet 3 CAPS Die Set

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Alphabet 3 CAPS Die Set

Cut letters to perfectly fit 1-inch squares on the grid paper.

Alphabet 3 CAPS offer a whimsical touch to your layout. This upper-case set fits perfectly on the grid paper. The 1-inch squares can be used on their own, allowing background paper or a 1-inch paper square to shine through the letters. Or, cut each letter out twice and use the square of one color and the letter of another color to provide interest. Each of the letters can also stand alone (without using the square background), so you can use them on larger sizes of paper to make titles.

All of the capital letters are included, along with a star and the following symbols: & ? ! The set includes six dies, each containing five letters or symbols. It is made in the USA and must be snipped apart.

NOTE: die machines & dies vary. If your machine leaves an embossed ridge try using thinner plates and/or use a stack of cardstock instead of an additional plate.  If the machine does not cut through add one or more sheets of cardstock as a shim until you get the desired result.

Click here to see compatible die machines and how to shim them for cutting properly with Mosaic Moments dies.

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