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Mosaic Moments 1x4 Strips Die
Mosaic Moments 1x4 Strips Die

1x4 Strips Die

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Mosaic Moments 1x4 Strips Die

Strip dies add an entirely new character to your layouts. They can be used to create stripes, panoramic photos or eye-catching landscapes. Just one trip through your die-cutting machine and you’ll have six 1x4.375” strips to add to your page. This Strips Die shows just the outline so it is easier to line up on your photos.

Actual measurement of each: Creates six 1 x 4.375 inch strips. Made in the USA.

NOTE: die machines & dies vary. If your machine leaves an embossed ridge try using thinner plates and/or use a stack of cardstock instead of an additional plate.  If the machine does not cut through add one or more sheets of cardstock as a shim until you get the desired result.

Click here to see compatible die machines and how to shim them for cutting properly with Mosaic Moments dies.

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