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Scrapbook Layouts System - Mosaic Moments

Scrapbook layouts are easy with the Mosaic Moments page layout system by Tami Potter.  Whether you want to do traditional photo mosaics or scrapbook layouts without any mosaic content, the Mosaic Moments scrapbook layouts system makes creating beautiful scrapbook designed pages quick and easy.  Doing beautiful scrapbook layouts requires knowing only two cutting techniques with Mosaic Moments - 1) one inch squares, and 2) larger pieces that fit the scrapbook design grid papers.  It's all simple with Mosaic Moments. 

This scrapbook layouts system tools include the Mosaic Moments 14" x 14" craft mat with grid lines that work perfectly with the Mosaic Moments grid papers, a good craft knife, a metal ruler with cork backing (anti-slip), some Herma Dotto Repositionable adhesive, and the Mosaic Moments scrapbook layouts grid paper.  The craft mat is used as the cutting surface and measuring tool.  Use the ruler for guiding (straight edge) the knife to cut photos and paper quickly and easily to fit the grid.  Then glue the pieces on the scrapbook layouts grid paper with the Dotto Repositional adhesive.  It's quick. It's easy.  Mosaic Moments is the ultimate scrapbook layouts system for making beautiful pages. See our video on

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All products in this category work with Mosaic Moments grid papers for making fabulous scrapbook layouts.  Choose one of the starter kits, or buy items individually. You will definitely need the Mosaic Moments craft mat and some grid papers.

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